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To be successful online, it’s no longer good enough just to have a web presence. Competition between companies means that the bar has been raised when it comes to website design. Today’s leading sites do more than simply look good, they are functional, optimised and interactive places that engage readers from the get-go.

That’s why building a website is a collaborative process.

While having an effectively designed website can boost your sales, an average or poorly designed one will cause you to lose potential customers. As an owner of a local business, you should have some basic idea of what you need to have on your site and what to avoid.

If you want to propel your business forward, your website has to meet the same standards as your competitors. Here are the 10 essential features that we consider in building a website.

The Top Essential Design and Development Features for Today’s Websites:

The below are the must-have features that we consider for your website:

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